Good Omens – Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman

A decent effort, but definitely early TP in feel, and worse for that, I think. Pratchett has found much more traction in the later Discworlds where they’re based in something real and deal more realistically with human characters. Not so familiar with Gaiman, although I need to read Sandman, clearly, but similar there, I think, certainly on the basis of American Gods. Possibly out of the writing process, everything is a bit muddled, and I think I’ve seen a lot of the jokes in other places – that doesn’t mean they weren’t in Good Omens first, but still. Lots of entertaining stuff, though, for all that. And a decent message, although a little bit kiddie. I guess it’s a fairy tale, so that’s excusable. Made a nice change after Riddley Walker, anyway.

See also:

Discworld – anything after about Reaper Man or Moving Pictures, I’d say

Note: Written ages ago, but for some reason stayed in drafts. Possibly because I didn’t think I’d finished it…



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