Fires – Raymond Carver

I bought this. It said it was indispensible. It’s got poetry in it, for the love of god. I should have looked at it more closely before shelling out my £8.99.

So, anyway, the poetry – it is almost all just like a really short story with the sentences broken onto different lines. There’s no obvious meter or rhyme or anything that really distinguishes poetry from prose in my mind. It’s not all like that, but come on Ray.

The essays are good. Nothing really great. Good solid descriptions of growing up dirt poor or what have you. One of them is about his father. It quotes a poem about his father. The same poem is re-printed later in the book. The words are different. Ray! Come on, get it right!

Then there are some actual short stories that are short stories and not pretending to be poems. These are alright. I guess.

Overall, dispensible.

See also: Girl with curious hair – DFW. Ray, pay attention to this, this is how to do it. Ray? Are you listening? I think he’s drunk again.


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