The Fry Chronicles

Or Stephen Fry the Autobiography Part II.

Mr Fry is a complex character, much loved by millions for his comedic stylings and writing and acting and for being generally very clever indeed. He is also much hated by some people for, I guess, his smuggery, ubiquity and (maybe) being too clever for his own good.

If you like Stephen Fry, this book will not disappoint – it’s full of peculiar Fry turns of phrase, genuinely interesting anecdotes from the early part of his career and confessional insights into his personal life.

And if you don’t like Stephen Fry, it’s those confessional insights that might change your mind – he’s incredibly self-aware, and leaves very little (if anything) out – his doubts, self-consciousness, and just how lucky he feels to have been given the chances he’s had.

Or, you know, maybe that’s what you don’t like about him. I don’t know. I just think you’re missing one of the great treats of the current age.

Edit: Forgot this:

See also:

Moab is My Washpot – Part I

The Stars’ Tennis Balls – yes, yes, it’s the Count of Monte Cristo rewritten, but it is very good indeed.


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