Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Truman Capote

Not that I don’t think you know who wrote this, just so you don’t think it’s the film. I’m not George Costanza (just in case anyone thought I might be…).

So, I was looking for something kind of light and fluffy after the big ole science book I read just before. This isn’t light and fluffy! It’s dark and disturbing! Well, it’s not hideously dark. But it is pretty tragic. Poor Holly has a pretty bad time of life, all things told. It’s difficult to tell how naive she really is – she’s certainly short-sighted, hence the glasses… But it can’t be easy on the soul, depending on one’s looks to make money (fortunately I have brains as well – I’m a double threat, baby!). And she doesn’t make good choices, really. There’s something broken in her – you can tell that from the very start.

I’ve never seen the film. I thought it was fluff too. Mind you, I’ve not seen Roman Holiday either. I’ve seen Funny Face, which has the preposterous premise that Audrey Hepburn is some kind of ugly duckling creature.

The edition of this book that I got was padded out (maybe that’s unfair) with a couple of other short stories. Those were also about being poor and hungry and making decisions about who to love – one about a genuine hooker (Holly’s more of a high-class escort), one about a prisoner and his friend with a diamond-covered guitar, and one about a little boy and his elderly cousin. There’s a deep southness about all of them (even the one set in Haiti – well, no, actually…). I guess that might show I’ve not read any other Capote… I might read more.

See also:

I don’t know… maybe Cormac McCarthy, maybe Don DeLillo. Interesting, I’m not usually stuck on this bit…


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