Void 3 – Peter F. Hamilton

So it’s the final installment of the Void Trilogy that I read. In Void 1, we’re introduced to Makkathran, which sits in the Void in the centre of the galaxy and it is eating the galaxy and everyone is a bit scared except for the people who think that they should go and live in the perfect world inside the Void where they will have telekinetic powers and they know this because someone was having dreams about this guy who lived there (whose name I’ve forgotten and can’t be bothered to look up).

And there was a New Dreamer! Who had more dreams about Edeard (I remembered his name; now I can’t be bothered to go up a couple of lines to edit what I wrote a few seconds ago). And the people who want to go into the Void think that she’ll be able to help them get there. And there’s some kind of separate argument between people who think that the human race should all be post-physical and those who… don’t?

And I couldn’t work out why anyone would want to go and live in a world where they could get killed by someone standing on the other side of the room doing a heartsqueeze on them, and the whole telepathic world was very annoying.

In Void 2, more of the same damn thing. Gah!

In Void 3, we finally get to the point of the magical Void world. Possible spoiler alert: Edeard works out how to turn back time so any time you make a wrong decision about something, you can go back and fix it. And he does this over and over and over and over and over again (literally 500,000,000,000 times or something) until all evil is completely banished from the world and everyone is good and loving and stuff. And this is what is making the Void eat the galaxy. And eventually everyone learned to… fly… until they got bored and died and went off to the heart, which is like a post-physical thing?

And that’s what the Accelerators want to get hold of. And they imprison Earth somehow and set off in this ship that’s faster than anything else and it all looks like it’s going to completely destroy the whole universe (granted, that’s a worst case scenario; the destruction could be very limited, localized only to our own galaxy) and stuff. But then it all works out!

Er, so that’s quite a spoiler there. Sorry. I may have saved you reading several hundred pages of not-particularly-good sci-fi nonsense though…

See also: Diaspora – Greg Egan. Much more fun.


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