Music: What Happened? – Scott Miller

Scott Miller is a man who has been in bands. He has made music recordings and released them and people have bought them. And he has played live “gigs” and people went along and listened to them.

He has a website. And on this website he writes things. I know! I can’t prove it yet, but I’m pretty sure he stole the idea for that off me. Anyway, so one of the things he started writing was a little list of all the best songs that came out in a single year, enough to fill a mixtape. And he put these in order from the least best to the very very best. He also imposed a limit on himself that he was only allowed to pick one song per artist per year. Otherwise, you know, he’d just end up putting a whole album on and then there’d be no room for Agadoo by Black Lace and that would obviously be wrong.

SPOILER: Agadoo by Black Lace does not feature in this book.

He does make an exception for The Beatles, and he is allowed one song per Beatle per year. (Ringo’s songs don’t appear either. I know!)

Anyway, this pretty much won me over in the introduction, with “Eighties nostalgia has lowered my opinion of nostalgia” and it’s full of great little phrases like that which sum up songs, sounds, bands and musical trends. It’s a really fun read and has lots of inside information about music production and ideas for what to listen to from the last 55 years. I don’t know if anyone has actually compiled the mixtapes, but that would certainly be a worthwhile project.

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