The Great Escape – Fiona Gibson

Yes, it’s Chick Lit. I am not ashamed, although it has ruined my Amazon Recommendations. So, my friend reviewed it for Closer (possibly) because apparently not enough people are submitting reviews to Closer off their own backs. Scandal! Anyway, I thought I’d see what I made of it.

It’s perfectly adequate for what it’s supposed to do, I guess. The three main characters are each having a little mini-crisis in their relationships and so when they go away for one their hen weekends (yes, the one getting married is having a mini-crisis, caused by her fiance’s children’s non-acceptance of her step-mothering, or something) they have a bit of fun and discover something about themselves that allows them to go back to their lives and overcome the mini-crisis and live happily ever after, or whatever.

The interesting thing, for me, at least, was the completely one-dimensional nature of the male characters in the book; I didn’t understand what any of them wanted, most of their actions just seemed to be necessary to drive the “plot” forward. I’m not complaining really, because I wasn’t expecting much, but I found it amusing anyway.

So, there you go. I’m not sure this would have got me £50 off of Closer…

See also: anything by William Gibson. Are they by some chance related?


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