Sequeltology: Part II

Grantland are running a tournament to find the best movie sequel off all time. So am I. OK, so the first round is over. Let’s crack on with the quarters:

Godfather Part II vs Beverly Hills Cop II

One of these films has Robert de Niro playing a young Marlon Brando playing a young Vito Corleone. The other one has Judge Reinhold.

Return of the Jedi vs Rocky IV

I can’t really stand the Ewoks, and I love the bearded Rocky training montage in the mountains vs Drago in the high-tech gym.

Empire Strikes Back vs Rocky II

In another Star Wars vs Rocky tussle, I’ve got to go with “Try not. Only do or do not. There is no try”

Die Hard With A Vengeance vs Back to the Future II

Back to the Future II may have a confusing plot and have promised us all hoverboards, and DHWAV does have Samuel L. Jackson solving puzzles in the park with Bruce Willis, but “Who you calling butthead, butthead?” is a line that deserves to live in movie history forever.

The Dark Knight vs Color of Money

OK, now I’m voting against Tom Cruise on principle. Well, that and that The Dark Knight is a great film, but Color of Money… isn’t.

Superman II vs Terminator 2

Hasta la vista, Supes.

Bill and Ted’s Bogus Journey vs Toy Story 3

How much better would Toy Story 3 have been if Woody had melvinned Lotso? OK, that doesn’t work here. Toy Story 3 advances. I will miss the good robot usses vs the bad robot usses.

Rocky III vs Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

One of these films has Sean Connery fighting Nazis, the other has Mr T with a feather earring. My prediction? Pain.

OK, so we’re done with the quarters, now the real test begins. These guys are all contenders now (not really, we all know who will win). Semi final line-up:

Godfather Part II vs Rocky IV

Empire Strikes Back vs Back to the Future II

The Dark Knight vs Terminator 2

Toy Story 3 vs Rocky III


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