Sequeltology 3

OK, Grantland, best sequel of all time. And I can’t count. Round One, Round Two. Here are the quarter finals:

Godfather Part II vs Rocky IV

Even if Rocky and Ivan Drago teamed up and fought for justice and freedom, or whatever (and who wouldn’t want to watch that… should have been Rocky V, or at least Rocky: The Animated Series) they would still be no match for Mike, and you know they’d end up in a boat on the lake, saying a Hail Mary.

Empire Strikes Back vs Back to the Future II

As much as I love Back to the Future II, you can’t argue with Empire here. Our heroes are split up, in serious trouble, it looks like their best efforts are going to come to nothing and they will be crushed by an evil overlord. And Luke finds out the baddest dude in the galaxy is his dad and he’s just like him. Whereas Marty McFly’s main problem is that he doesn’t like his mom’s new husband. Not even a hoverboard can fix that.

The Dark Knight vs Terminator 2

Contrasting characters in the leads here – an emotionless cyborg being taught to be a father vs a deeply disturbed lunatic tearing a city apart to see what noise it makes (don’t pretend TDK is about Batman). For me, T2 has the more interesting story, and that edges it.

Toy Story 3 vs Rocky III

A movie about forgetting why you do something you used to love, changing yourself to be better and running on the beach in short shorts to get the eye of the tiger. A movie about growing up, about being a child and never stopping being a friend. I was going to give this to Rocky, but man, just thinking about the ending of Toy Story 3 is getting me a bit misty here, so I’m going to have to give it to the toys.

So now we have the semi final line-up:

Godfather Part II vs Empire Strikes Back

Terminator 2 vs Toy Story 3


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