Moby Dick: The Livetweets

Decided to live-toot #mobydick as I read it for the first time. Cos, why not, you guys, why not? Wed May 09 07:45:26 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch1 Ishmael is a dude who wants to hunt whales and dude used to be a teacher so that’s why he knows words like circumambulate Wed May 09 07:52:05 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch2 I. heading for nantucket (for limericks?) stops to find cheap pub in new bedford, discovers… metaphors? Wed May 09 11:50:19 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch3 after long negotiations with landlord, I shares bed with tattooed savage who worships wooden idol. Pedro Cerrano? No, Queequeg Wed May 09 12:12:00 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch4. Awkward dude cuddles, Ish remembers a nightmare and Qeequeg shaves with a harpoon after putting boots on under bed. Standard? Wed May 09 17:13:07 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch5 steaks for brekkers eaten with a harpoon? This Queequeg is quite a cat Thu May 10 11:40:58 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch6 Ish goes for a stroll and judges people who are different from him. Classy. Also claims New Bedford built of whale Thu May 10 12:06:52 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch7 I goes to chapel and sees lots of tombstones. Dangerous business, this whaling lark. Thu May 10 12:15:50 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch8 in which there is a pulpit in the chapel. The surprise is the rope ladder to climb up to it. Thu May 10 17:22:18 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch9 deranged sailor-priest discourses at length on Jonah and the Whale. Maybe his other sermon is about Noah. Limited audience Thu May 10 17:51:08 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch10 what is in that pipe? A couple of puffs and Ish decideds to marry Queequeg! Fri May 11 07:24:44 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch11 newlyweds lie in bed. I prattles on subject of being warmer when your nose is cold or some such Fri May 11 11:47:35 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch12 turns out Q is cannibal royalty. He hijacked himself onto a whaling ship when young and now here we all are. Fri May 11 12:03:38 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch13 Q arouses some suspicion on boat to Nantucket, fixes mast and rescues man overboard, that cheers them up Sun May 13 13:42:09 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch14 Nantucket! Nantucket! So sandy no young man will suck it. Think Melville should have stuck with this original draft for Ch14 Sun May 13 13:46:48 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch15 in which chowder is consumed and there is weak wordplay. Mon May 14 07:42:13 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch16 Yolo tells Q what ship they should go on. I is supposed to guess. Chooses Pequod. Owned by 2 mad quakers. Skipper 1 leg. Hmm Mon May 14 17:20:32 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch17 Queequeg spends whole day motionlessly squatting with Yolo balanced on his head. Is this a satire of established religion? Tue May 15 11:20:18 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch18 Queequeg joins the Pequod as Quohog after signing with his tattoo and convincing the Quakers he’s christian really Wed May 16 11:59:09 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch19 shadowy nutter named Elijah warns I&Q to be wary of the mysterious Ahab. Bit late now old chap! I dismisses as humbug Wed May 16 12:02:11 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch20 many things brought aboard Pequod. Captain Ahab still not among them Wed May 16 12:19:04 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch21 nutter attempts to warn I&Q about Ahab again. They board anyway. Q sits on someone. Ahab aboard, the Pequod sails today Thu May 17 11:37:21 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch22 Pequod sets out from port. Bildad and Peleg piloting w/ free use of boot. It’s christmas. No sign of Ahab still. Thu May 17 11:53:10 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch22 this tweet is longer and more pertinent to the plot. Bulkington returns! Who? Yeah Thu May 17 12:05:09 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch24 lengthy and empassioned screed in defence of whale fishing and whale fishers. Not sure why it’s here, specifically Fri May 18 07:29:43 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch25 additional. Something about rubbing whale oil on the king. Perhaps Melville was drinking whale oil when he wrote this? Fri May 18 07:31:20 +0000 2012
#mobydick “hard as twice baked biscuit”… “biscuit” means twice cooked. Could have been pedant-trap, that Fri May 18 07:38:48 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch26 Starbuck is a brave and hard man, and should be ennobled in some way. He is first mate of Pequod. Position on coffee unclear Sun May 20 14:38:20 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch27 M couldn’t think of better title so we get same again. Other mates and harpooneers introduced. Marvellous chaps all Sun May 20 15:07:56 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch28 Ahab appears abovedecks. Noble, driven, one leg of whale bone, mysterious scar. Impressive entrance. P sails south Mon May 21 12:07:34 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch29 A, not sleeping much, stomps the decks and wakes mate Stubb. S tells him sh, A calls him dog, donkey etc. S grumbles madness Mon May 21 12:16:26 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch30 Ahab throws away a perfectly serviceable pipe. Mon May 21 12:25:25 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch31 Stubb’s had a dream with bad puns about being kicked by Ahab. Decides it’s an honour. Ahab on lookout for a white whale Mon May 21 18:22:46 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch32 Ishmael proposes a general classification of whales, immediately renders it useless by insisting they are all fish. Tue May 22 17:33:51 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch33 something about rank and talent and how rarely they correlate. Maybe. Also harpooneers! Tue May 22 17:36:12 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch34 dinner. A parableon the hardship of junior management, plus something about the savage harpooneers. Ahab still a gloomy bear Tue May 22 22:22:46 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch35 I takes watch at the top of a mast, gets lost in thinking about lack of crow’s nest and fails to spot whales ever Wed May 23 07:29:50 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch36 A declares sole point of trip is revenge on the White Whale, which Tashtego identifies as infamous Moby Dick. Grog taken Wed May 23 12:36:37 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch37 Ahab puts on his antic disposition somewhat Wed May 23 12:40:38 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch38 Starbuck: unconvinced about this new plan. But figures no choice, also that Ahab is a troubled, obsessed soul Wed May 23 17:31:40 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch39 Stubb: you’ve gotta larf, entcha? Wed May 23 17:32:50 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch40 all hands dance, possibly drunk on grog. Seem keen on the white whale hunt. Ominous storm blows up Thu May 24 06:45:04 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch41 a little on the legend of Moby Dick and the leg end of Captain Ahab Mon May 28 07:39:35 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch42 on the significance of whiteness. Is this racist? Mon May 28 07:40:48 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch43 some cat named Archy reckons he can hear folks under the aft decks. Plus nonsense with a bukkit. Is Archy a walrus? No Mon May 28 16:52:44 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch44 Ahab plots. Literally. On a map. Some useful(?) info on whale migration habits Mon May 28 16:55:13 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch45 ok so whales are totally a menace to more or less innocent ships, guys. Ishmael uses several pages to prove this fact Tue May 29 07:32:26 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch46 Ahab, although no less dedicated to pursuit of Dick, decides it’s worth hunting other whales too lest the crew get bored Tue May 29 07:35:07 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch47 Tashtego interrupts weak metaphor relating to weaving by spotting some whales. There she blows! is the cry Tue May 29 07:38:43 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch48 whalehunt1. A has his own boat and odd crew. All 4 boats chase whales. Q misses his shot. Starbuck’s boat caught in squall Tue May 29 12:50:07 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch49 I asks if it’s usual for boats to nearly sink like that every time out. All mates plus Q agree it is. Tue May 29 17:27:39 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch50 star of Ahab’s mystery boat crew is turbanned chap name of Fedallah. Suspect he’s foreign. Tue May 29 17:33:16 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch51 Fedallah starts seeing a spout at night. Pequod with A at bows gives chase, but every time it goes away again. Ooh. Wed May 30 07:49:34 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch52 Pequod meets a boat called the Goney. Some fish leave the P and follow the G. Not exactly action-packed Wed May 30 11:42:18 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch53 something about how whaleships meet each other on the sea and chat and exchange news and letters. Ahab not often keen Wed May 30 20:47:39 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch54 the Town-Ho and her encounter with Dick. #tooeasy #cheapdickjokes #melville! Wed May 30 20:49:21 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch55 in which scorn is cast upon every attempt to pictorially represent the whale. Ever. Can’t be done. Don’t even. And so on Wed May 30 21:13:51 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch56 there have been two or three pictures of whales that aren’t awful. By French chaps. Fri Jun 01 07:49:50 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch57 whale fishers also make representations of whales on bits of wood and teeth and so forth. Fri Jun 01 11:52:20 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch58 P sails through golden fields of this stuff called brit. Non-sperm whales spotted. The sea is a majestic and scary thing Fri Jun 01 11:57:31 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch59 there is a squid Fri Jun 01 12:22:55 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch60 5 pages on rope. Ishmael omits some sundry mystifications too tedious to detail (sic) Fri Jun 01 12:25:53 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch61 in which a whale is successfully hunted. Made me feel rather uneasy, all the gore and bloodlust Tue Jun 05 19:03:26 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch62 needless digression on how to improve whaling by not requiring harpooneers to row Tue Jun 05 19:05:58 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch63 foreshadowing ahoy! More minutiae of whaling including details of how many loose irons end up in water in intense hunt Tue Jun 05 19:08:33 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch64 Stubb has whale steak, then there is tiresome “yes massa” nonsense with the cook. Sharks play minor role. Tue Jun 05 19:24:42 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch65 ill-considered rant about the hypocricy of condemning the eaters of whale meat. Also fairly poor review of whale meat as food Tue Jun 05 19:33:17 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch66 whale carcass attracts sharks, Pequod whalers kill sharks. Thu Jun 07 07:41:21 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch67 crew of Pequod begin peeling huge strips of blubber off the dead whale Thu Jun 07 12:37:34 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch68 on the nature of blubber. Also: “Of erections, how few are domed like St. Peter’s!” er… Thu Jun 07 12:41:33 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch69 whale carcase thrown into water. Amusingly (well….) Ish observes that other ships mark site as a reef and avoid for years Thu Jun 07 20:49:00 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch70 Ish now reveals head of whale removed before events of preceding 3, 4, possibly 5 chapters. Quite the narrator. Thu Jun 07 20:52:39 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch71 head of whale fastened to ship, they now encounter religious extremist aboard a diseased ship. Prophecies ill fortune Thu Jun 07 20:55:39 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch72 more anachronous action as we find Q dangled from a rope and fixing a hook into whaley for the peeling. He’s given rum after Fri Jun 08 07:43:47 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch73 A decides to kill a right whale now, ostensibly because Fedallah believes it’s lucky to have a head of each type on the ship Fri Jun 08 07:46:40 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch74 Ish gives anatomy lesson on the head of the dead sperm whale. On the anatomy of the head. Obvs. Sat Jun 09 08:57:00 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch75 oh! What a surprise. Ish now (unfavourably) compares the anatomy of the head of the right whale. Sat Jun 09 09:00:00 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch76 good grief. More on the head of sperm whales. Ish employs what even he describes as semi science of physiognomy Sat Jun 09 09:03:18 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch77 now compares it to mythical Heidelburgh Tun, an object whose fame has not reached my particular corner of the 21st century Sat Jun 09 09:27:45 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch78 Tashtego falls into head (not toilet) while extracting oil. It then sinks. Q dives in to rescue. Excitement! Sat Jun 09 09:53:25 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch79 back to analysing the head. Ish complains there is no nose, then declares whale to be genius. Sat Jun 09 09:55:36 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch80 phrenology. WHAT ARE YOU ON, MELVILLE? Mon Jun 18 11:51:17 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch81 Pequod meets useless German whaler, they chase same one-finned whale, Stubb kills it, extracts old harpoon, it sinks. Mon Jun 18 12:15:43 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch82 Ishmael compiles list of famous whalers. Perseus, St George, Hercules, Jonah, Vishnu. All killed whales. Definitely Tue Jun 19 11:53:25 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch83 additional on Jonah, so important he’s worth bringing up again (so to speak) Tue Jun 19 12:23:41 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch84 now on pitchpoling, which is a lance technique. Jolly difficult, it sounds. But so has everything else described Tue Jun 19 12:27:28 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch85 important scientific question: is a whale’s spout liquid or gas? Ishmael does not know, spends 5 pages telling us this Wed Jun 20 17:35:10 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch86 the tail of the whale! It is full of grace. Ish is unable to express his true feelings on it. He tries. He does try Mon Jun 25 12:01:46 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch87 the Pequod encounters a scrum of whales. Much flailing and danger ensues. Whales are waifed and drugged (not pharmacological) Mon Jun 25 12:24:16 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch88 Ish describes schools of whales now. Some are harems and some are all-chap. The all-female ones protect each other more Mon Jun 25 12:27:19 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch89 Ish tells now of fast- and loose-fish. The first belongs to a ship and is attached somehow. There is a mysogynist allegory. Mon Jun 25 12:35:08 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch90 nonsense about how Brits divide whales up: head to king, tail to queen. Apparently there is nothing left over. Hmm Mon Jun 25 16:55:03 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch91 Stubb tricks stupid French whaler out of a busted whale the stinks but contains ambergris. Amusing scene Tue Jun 26 07:44:57 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch92 ish describes ambergris. It’s used in perfume and apparently is cause or symptom of whale illness Tue Jun 26 07:46:55 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch93 Pip (not the one from great expectations) jumps out of boat twice from fear, nearly drowns, goes mad. Tue Jun 26 11:45:47 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch94 Ishmael spends a chapter kneading whale innards and comparing their consistencies Tue Jun 26 11:52:45 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch95 the mincer. He slices bits of meat up in order to boil them for oil. Does it while dressed in what sounds like a whale’s cock Wed Jun 27 12:05:36 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch96 try-works. Boil meat, burn the old drained fritters, nasty smell. Ish dreams while on tiller, nearly causes accident Wed Jun 27 12:21:10 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch97 whalemen fill lamps with fresh oil. The point being what? Wed Jun 27 12:25:38 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch98 crew cleans the ship, makes jokes, apparently, then head off to hunt more. Metaphor for life? Thu Jun 28 12:26:15 +0000 2012
#mobydick Ch99 everyone takes a moment to look at the doubloon Arab promised to whoever catches M-D. Theories abound. Supposed to be funny? Thu Jun 28 12:27:51 +0000 2012
#mobydick C100 Arab meets a captain who lost arm to Dick. Agrees it’s not worth hunting him, sets off to hunt him Sat Jun 30 12:28:54 +0000 2012
#mobydick C101 history of the Enderbies (old whaling family) and digression on English eating/drinking habits aboard ship. Sat Jun 30 12:45:15 +0000 2012
#mobydick C102 Israel recounts how he came to have the measurements of a whale skeleton tattooed on his forearm Sat Jun 30 13:06:19 +0000 2012
#mobydick C103 in case you thought he wouldn’t, Ish now gives dimensions of whale bones. In a word, big Sat Jun 30 13:22:10 +0000 2012
#mobydick C104 Ish contends that it is impossible to write a small book on such a big animal. By omitting such chapters he might have done Sat Jun 30 13:35:23 +0000 2012
#mobydick C105 according to Ishmael it is impossible that whales will ever be hunted to extinction. That’s a relief Sat Jun 30 13:48:41 +0000 2012
#mobydick C106 Ahab has broken his false leg, requires a new one. The momentum is really picking up here! Sun Jul 01 13:40:43 +0000 2012
#mobydick C107 introduce a new character in the 107th chapter? Let’s go! Carpenter. He’s good with tools and stuff. Has a few vices. Sun Jul 01 13:43:24 +0000 2012
#mobydick C108 Ahab and carpenter in pitifully unconvincing dialogue over the new false leg Sun Jul 01 13:46:33 +0000 2012
#mobydick C109 Starbuck tells A they have a leaky cask losing valuable oil and should stop and find it. A waves gun at him, then relents. Mon Jul 02 12:35:56 +0000 2012
#mobydick C110 Q catches a cold in hold. Has a floating coffin made. Overreaction? Makes full recovery, keeps coffin Mon Jul 02 12:37:35 +0000 2012
#mobydick C111 they reach pacific, and Ahab starts dreaming more intently of Dick. #cheapdickjokes #whatdoyouwantfromme Mon Jul 02 12:40:22 +0000 2012
#mobydick C112 now we meet the blacksmith, who is apparently a recovering alcoholic. Quite nicely written, this. #abouttime Mon Jul 02 22:01:35 +0000 2012
#mobydick C113 blacksmith makes ahab some new harpoon stuff from horseshoes and razors, tempered in blood for some reason Mon Jul 02 22:03:37 +0000 2012
#mobydick C114 words Mon Jul 02 22:04:30 +0000 2012
#mobydick C115 pequod meets ship full of sperm, heading home. Contrasting moods, Ahab only interested in dick #morecheapdickjokes Tue Jul 03 07:33:13 +0000 2012
#mobydick C116 they kill 4 more whales. I am so ready for this book to be over Tue Jul 03 07:34:26 +0000 2012
#mobydick C117 Ahab spends a night floating in boat next to dead whale. Parsee ‘repeats’ prophecy that he won’t die until two hearses seen Wed Jul 04 12:25:40 +0000 2012
#mobydick C118 ahab, in a fit of what some would call hubris breaks his navigational quadrant (not a euphemism) Wed Jul 04 17:33:17 +0000 2012
#mobydick C119 typhoon! Eerie fire, lightning strikes, etc. A stands on deck holding lightning rod chains, shouting at crew to stay with him Wed Jul 04 17:36:36 +0000 2012
#mobydick C120 still typhooning. Starbuck tries to reason with Ahab, which goes as well as you might expect. Wed Jul 04 17:39:24 +0000 2012
#mobydick C121stubb and flask chat about their prospects in the storm. Optimism not to the fore much Wed Jul 04 17:41:16 +0000 2012
#mobydick C122 tashtego wants rum. Can’t say i blame him Thu Jul 05 12:09:05 +0000 2012
#mobydick C123 storm calms. Starbucks considers shooting Ahab for his life-threatening madness, but chickens out in the end Thu Jul 05 12:11:17 +0000 2012
#mobydick C124 lightning has reversed polarity of compasses so they are sailing in wrong direction. A makes a new one himself Thu Jul 05 12:13:26 +0000 2012
#mobydick C125 with no quadrant now, must use log for dead reckoning of position. It breaks instantly. Pip, the loon, consoles ahab Thu Jul 05 18:04:13 +0000 2012
#mobydick C126 someone now falls off top of mast and sinks. Life buoy sinks too, so is replaced with Queequeg’s coffin. Going well… Thu Jul 05 18:06:16 +0000 2012
#mobydick C127 ‘business’ with Ahab and carpenter. Sigh Thu Jul 05 18:08:07 +0000 2012
#mobydick C128 p meets Rachel, suspiciously named after biblical character. Lost a boatful of sailors to M-D previous day. Ahab shoots off Mon Jul 09 06:42:57 +0000 2012
#mobydick C129 Ahab locks Pip in his cabin. This must be a metaphor for something because literally it doesn’t make much sense Mon Jul 09 06:45:46 +0000 2012
#mobydick C130 Ahab now on deck 24 hours a day looking for Dick. #cheapdickjokes Plus a bird steals his hat Mon Jul 09 06:48:53 +0000 2012
#mobydick C131 P meets another ship that has fought the white whale and finished 2nd. Mocking laughter follows Ahab as he presses on Mon Jul 09 17:23:42 +0000 2012
#mobydick C132 regrets? Ahab has a few. Mon Jul 09 17:25:49 +0000 2012
#mobydick C133 day 1. Moby Dick spotted #cheappuddingjokes chased, caught. Bites A’s boat in half, mooches off. All rescued Mon Jul 09 17:32:19 +0000 2012
#mobydick C134 day 2. Dick is raised again (not many more #cheapdickjokes). Chased. Caught. Ahab loses leg. Fedallah lost over. Dick escapes Tue Jul 10 06:50:04 +0000 2012
#mobydick C135 day 3. They all go home. No, silly. Chase Dick again. This time he sinks Pequod with all hands. Final score is Dick 3-0 Ahab Tue Jul 10 06:53:05 +0000 2012
#mobydick Epilogue Ishmael survives by grabbing Queequeg’s coffin. So there was a point to that bit. Unlike a lot of the bits… Tue Jul 10 06:55:33 +0000 2012

Tweets recovered via TwimeMachine: excellent stuff.


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