An Italian Education – Tim Parks

The second in Tim Parks’ series of books about being an Englishman with a young family in Italy. To be honest, I don’t think he’s written another one, so this could equally be billed as the thrilling climax. Only it’s not, really.

It’s about his probably entirely understandable surprise at his children being Italian – they have Italian attitudes to mothers, holidays, religion and etc. And obviously Tim (I feel like I can call him Tim, that’s the kind of style his writing is) likes Italy and Italians, or else, you know. But it’s a bit odd that they’re always on about the holy madonna or whatever.

Anyway, he also takes  in their school, and his dealings with other adults (the apartment they move to when they first have children has some interesting neighbours, lodgers and so forth). The book covers several years, from when the kids are very young until they’re not quite so young (it’s possible the book is more precise about this, but it’s not terribly important) and it’s just good, you know.


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