Grapes – Livetweets

Steinbeck. Grapes of Wrath. Ain’t but one thing to do. #gow Wed Sep 05 07:21:16 +0000 2012
#gow Ch1 dust, dust, dust. It was dusty. But the men didn’t break so the women knew they would make it somehow Wed Sep 05 07:23:14 +0000 2012
#gow Ch2 man in brand new clothes that don’t fit hitches a lift. Man named Joad. Just out of prison. Killed a man or somepin. Wed Sep 05 07:47:26 +0000 2012
#gow Ch3 why did the land turtle cross the road? Some sort of metaphor, yeah? Wed Sep 05 12:39:34 +0000 2012
#gow Ch4 Joad catches turtle, meets retired, faithless preacher. Still dusty. Drink whisky and chat, head to old Joad place. Seems abandoned Thu Sep 06 11:51:40 +0000 2012
#gow Ch5 banks are monsters made by men, forcing tenant farmers and families off dusty land to bleed it dry and feed their need for profits Thu Sep 06 17:18:58 +0000 2012
#gow Ch6 Joad place empty. Muley, stubborn neighbour, tells Tom and Casy where family is (heading west soon) and how to hide in the cotton. Mon Sep 10 18:03:45 +0000 2012
#gow Ch7 there’s good business to be had selling knackered cars to the desperate, apparently. Guarantee? We guarantee it’s an automobile. Mon Sep 10 18:18:20 +0000 2012
#gow Ch8 let’s meet the Joads. Deary me what a bunch they are. I like Grampa best with his unbuttoned everything, but randy brother Al too Tue Sep 11 11:59:41 +0000 2012
#gow Ch9 sell the farm tools to the junk man for a few bucks, pack up some things, plus bitterness and doubt, and it’s time to set off west Tue Sep 11 12:07:46 +0000 2012
#gow Ch10 the Joads pack up, slaughter pigs, drug Grampa, and set off rushing slowly in converted sedan for California, dreaming of oranges Wed Sep 12 11:42:59 +0000 2012
#gow Ch11 the vacant houses are all colonised by cats and bats and fall to pieces Thu Sep 13 07:23:02 +0000 2012
#gow Ch12 folks getting their kicks on route 66. And by kicks, I mean cars breaking down, begging for gas, getting ripped off and such Thu Sep 13 07:36:21 +0000 2012
#gow Steinbeck broke the pattern there. Has been one chapter of Joads, one tuned to radio misery c. 1936. That was back to back radio misery Thu Sep 13 07:41:15 +0000 2012
#gow Ch13 eventful first day on road. Grampa dies of stroke. Perhaps strapping him down on back of truck in sun wasn’t such a good idea Fri Sep 14 07:40:26 +0000 2012
#gow Ch14 Bolshevism? A case for collective ownership, not by law but by love Sun Sep 16 14:57:10 +0000 2012
#gow Ch15 a scene in a truck stop, tended by the diner waitress and short order chef. Truckers watch as 15c worth of bread sold for 10c. Sun Sep 16 15:00:35 +0000 2012
#gow Ch16 Tom fixes car. Gives advice to one-eyed dude. Everyone camping at a pay campsite. Guy tells how his family starved in California. Sun Sep 16 17:45:28 +0000 2012
#gow Ch17 the evolution of the rules of a migrant community Tue Sep 18 11:29:23 +0000 2012
#gow Ch18 the Joads make it to California, most of ’em, anyway. Despite more warnings that it’s damn hard to get work and police harassment Tue Sep 18 12:04:54 +0000 2012
#gow Ch19 Californians took it from comfortable Mexicans then got comfortable. Hungry Okies live in shanties and take care of each other Thu Sep 20 12:13:19 +0000 2012
#gow Ch20 Joads find a little roadside camp, have a little meal, Tom trips up a cop, Casy takes blame, camp burned. Joads on the road again Tue Sep 25 11:46:01 +0000 2012
#gow Ch21 the californians are worried and scared by hungry Okies and curse, beat and underpay them. Okies begin to anger, as you would Wed Sep 26 12:00:22 +0000 2012
#gow Ch22 Joads arrive at well organised camp where people share utilities, have dances and look out for each other. Tom finds some work Wed Sep 26 12:03:50 +0000 2012
#gow Ch23 harmonica, guitar and fiddle-how the migrants entertain themselves. Or church meetings. Or booze. Mon Oct 01 11:55:42 +0000 2012
#gow Ch24 someone tries to start a riot at dance at camp so cops can break it up, but Tom helps stop it before it starts. Underhand tactics! Mon Oct 01 11:59:04 +0000 2012
#gow Ch25 how the food grows but can’t be sold for profit and so is destroyed as people go hungry, and people grow angry Wed Oct 03 20:33:39 +0000 2012
#gow Ch26 Joads move to find work again, break strike. Tom finds out, finds Casy and kills an anti-strike enforcer. Strike ends, wages half Wed Oct 03 20:37:20 +0000 2012

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