Bradley Wiggins – My Time

I don’t normally buy sports (auto)biographies, but given the year that Sir Wiggins had, and based on a couple of extracts in The Grauniad, I decided to give this one a go, because I think he’s one of the most interesting and coolest people in the country at the moment, and also I guess that he’s not earning the same kind of money as premiership footballers who are much less interesting and cool, and so I wanted to show my support for making the world a bit of a better place in 2012.

While there is a good story in there – the hard work and planning that goes into winning a couple of big stage races, the Tour de France (clean), and the Olympic road time trial in one year: the sacrifices and the self-discoveries, all of which I’m pretty sure are covered in most sports autobiographies – and Wiggo’s distinctive voice and character comes through clearly, the editing leaves a lot to be desired. It jumps around a bit, in ways that didn’t really make sense, and I’m sure a couple of anecdotes are repeated. Obviously there are deadlines to be met, and it has to be in the shops while the fickle public still recognise the skinny chap with the sideburns and definitely before Christmas, but equally, I’m pretty sure a couple more passes with the red pencil would have helped enormously.

Anyway, I’m glad I bought it for the reasons above, but I won’t be buying more of these (well, maybe Mo’s).


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