DeLorean Stats

In the climactic scene of 1985’s Back to the Future, Doc Brown says he’s calculated the precise distance Marty has to drive the DeLorean in order to hit the wire strung across the road at 88 miles per hour at the exact moment the lightning hits the clock tower (anyone who hasn’t seen BTTF: SPOILERS, also  (b) HOW HAVE YOU MANAGED THIS?) taking into account the “acceleration speed and wind resistance”.

Anyway, this got me thinking. How does Doc know what the acceleration/aerodynamic stats of a DeLorean are? It’s not like he can look them up in 1955. And even if he could, the Time Machine DeLorean has been so heavily modified the book stats would be useless. And Marty’s only experience of driving it was while he was being chased by Libyan terrorists, and the film doesn’t show him checking the 0-90 on a stopwatch.

There is only one explanation: in a deleted scene, Doc spends several hours during the middle of the night (so he won’t be seen) hooning the DeLorean around the back streets of Hill Valley calculating the necessary figures. Perhaps alongside his mad scientist character, he is also a sportscar obsessive – he does say that he built the Time Machine into a DeLorean at least partially to do it in style.

Is it too late to get a spin-off series where Doc Brown travels through time to race various sports cars from different eras? TV Companies: this is what we all want to see, I’m pretty sure.


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