Rockafeller Skank x No Country For Old Men

OK, so I went on a bit of a Fatboy Slim dive this morning, after doing a little bit of research for this (it’s important to do your research, kids).

Which of course meant watching the video for Right Here, Right Now. Which is obviously awesome.

[Tangent: I have no idea if the “I’m #1” dude was hired for the video and then got onto the album cover or if he was just photographed and someone had to go out and find him for the video.


I think I did know once.]

Anyway, the RHRN video had a link to the Rockafeller Skank video, which I also watched. I remember being so excited the first time I heard this on the radio. Nearly as excited as the guy on the album. Anyway, the video is a lot more dream-like than I remembered. Scenes segue into each other without much narrative logic. Because that’s what you want from a dance music video, isn’t it, narrative logic? But there was one bit that suddenly jumped out at me. The guys with afros have skanked up to this door at a motel; they knock and it’s answered by a dude in a cowboy suit. They all lean back, then the cowboy tosses a coin, which they watch fall to the floor. When it lands, they all start breakdancing.

It’s such an obvious reference to No Country For Old Men. Chigurh will sometimes toss a coin to decide whether or not to kill someone he encounters. (There’s no breakdancing, from what I remember.) And it seems to have been completely missed by the internet. Possibly this is because the book is from 2005, and the video is from 1998. So perhaps what I’m saying is that Cormac McCarthy got his inspiration for Chigurh from Fatboy Slim videos?


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