Blood Bands

There have always been trends in band names. In the 80s, it was “The $single_syllable(s*)”, such as The Cure, The Smiths and The Clash, which obviously led to apotheosis in The The (and there could barely be a more 80s video than that, except possibly this).

Anyway, that was then, when you didn’t need to apear in search results in order to get anyone to listen to your music.

Now, though… One approach is the I, Clavdivs Gambit, qv Chrvches, Wavves and Alvvays. Which is a good one, although it might be a bit old.

Another one is to just add the word “Blood” next to another word. And so I present the top Blood Bands…

First up, and probably most successful judging by how often I hear them referenced on 6music, Royal Blood.

This is a pretty clever video. I like what it does with the colours and that, although it could have done a bit more story. Royal Blood are just a drummer and a bassist, which gives me an excuse to say I saw Propellerheads (which is a whole other category of pre-SEO band name) playing most of Decksanddrumsandrockandroll live one time on a bass and a drum kit and it was so good everyone in my student house bought the album.

Next is Honeyblood, which is also a two piece, but they are girls and instead of a bass guitar, they have a proper guitar, which makes them two strings better than the Royal Blood lads right away. Now this video does have a story and it’s a weird old story at that, about magickal orphans and voodoo rituals and eating unsuspecting ramblers, which is about all they deserve.

I found this after basically just playing every Honeyblood video I could find on YouTube. (I recommend you do something similar.) But you know what the really weird thing is? I knew the chorus. Where did I know the chorus from? Premier League Football. For some reason, Sky/Nissan used the chorus of a song sung by two girls who are tied to a stake and being burnt alive to provide the sting of the break bumper for the football games last year. I hope they got PAID.

Anyway, last up in this little series is this:


How does this only have 2000 views? Who knows. Just more evidence that the world is irredeemably stupid I GUESS.

Anyway, Surfer Blood are a band from Florida, according to Wikipedia. I found out about them, like I did with Honeyblood, from AV Undercover1, where they did a version of Gigantic by Pixies (not The Pixies, nb). I hate everything else they have done, but Taking Care of Eddy is a perfect work of genius in a deeply flawed time and my gift to you.

1 Although the Honeyblood cover of Green Day is gone now, which is a shame, because it’s adorable and a little bit clumsy and maybe that’s why it’s gone, but it’ll live in my memory until it doesn’t.


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