11/5/21 – it’s complicated

It’s those kinds of clouds that might blow away or might bring rain. Maybe it’ll be both.

Continuing to adapt to my new phone. I mean, it’s not difficult, it’s just a new model, but you have to transfer stuff and sign in to apps all over again. This morning I had to deal with alarms on both phones, which my old phone was not in the bedroom. It didn’t give up.

A ray of sun has just broken through the clouds to illuminate the balcony.

And now it’s gone again.

Yesterday I discovered that trees are not a thing. Which is to say that some trees are more closely related to things that are definitely not trees than to other trees. This is similar to how tuna are more closely related to humans than they are to sharks and there’s no such thing as a fish.

Moby Dick, of course, insists that a whale is a fish and… is not as wrong as I had thought.

Moby Dick has less to say about trees. Apparently woodiness is something that can be turned on relatively easily in a herby plant and then you get shrubs or trees and what anyway is the difference between a shrub and a tree? Trees evolved separately 38 times on the Canary Islands.

Which goes to show that knowledge is complicated and categorising stuff is a fool’s game.

There was a whale in the Thames again this week, but it died.

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