Ravishing Ric Flair’s Woo Playlist

So, look, one of these songs came on the sound system in the pub the other day and it set me to thinking1 about what Ric Flair would like to listen to.


(image from buzzfeed)

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This is not strictly related to the other thing, because it was all written a while ago, but I have been putting bits of my half-written novel up on another blog, which is An accurate history of the twenty-first century. Currently, we’ve met some students, Thor and some dead vikings, but it’s definitely on its way somewhere… publishing three times a week.

An idea: Tap-tap fantasy football

OK, so I still haven’t finished 1Q84. I am getting a bit closer – I’m on book 3 now. That’s not what this is about, though.

All of a sudden, I’m feeling really creative. I can’t say exactly why this should be, although I’m tentatively assigning it to working like a dervish last week then doing nothing much except drink and run at the weekend. Anyway, yesterday an idea came to me, which I think could possibly make billions, if only I had any idea how to implement it. I’ve recently (OK, one other thing at the weekend) taken up The Simpsons: Tapped Out, which you may know is a Farmville (or whatever) style grinding game starring that yellow lot. Then I was watching football (if the Wigan-Newcastle match yesterday counts as football) and it struck me that you could do the same thing with fantasy football: you start with a ridiculously small budget to pick your fantasy team, ending up with, let’s say, that McManaman kid and Peter Odemwingie or whatever. When there’s a football game on, they earn points in much the same way as your average fantasy football game… goals, assists, clean sheets and so forth. These feed back into XP and in-game money. When there aren’t games on, you can set your players tasks like fitness training, doing keepie-ups, I don’t know; banter, merking each other, whatever footballers do. And that earns XP and in-game money too. And you can use the in-game money to buy better players, better training facilities (subject to whatever level you get to) and so on.

Isn’t that something you can see 20 million people spending their time doing? Well, maybe not 20 million. Anyway, it might already exist, but never mind. I think it would be ACE. Someone build it and then send me the money (real money, please)…