Blood Bands

There have always been trends in band names. In the 80s, it was “The $single_syllable(s*)”, such as The Cure, The Smiths and The Clash, which obviously led to apotheosis in The The (and there could barely be a more 80s video than that, except possibly this).

Anyway, that was then, when you didn’t need to apear in search results in order to get anyone to listen to your music.

Now, though… One approach is the I, Clavdivs Gambit, qv Chrvches, Wavves and Alvvays. Which is a good one, although it might be a bit old.

Another one is to just add the word “Blood” next to another word. And so I present the top Blood Bands…

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Ravishing Ric Flair’s Woo Playlist

So, look, one of these songs came on the sound system in the pub the other day and it set me to thinking1 about what Ric Flair would like to listen to.


(image from buzzfeed)

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If You Prefer A Milder Comedian EP – Stewart Lee

Genre-mixing the release strategies of books and music, this is a little book between bigger books and very similar to Mr Lee’s earlier How I Escaped My Certain Fate (see), but about the DVD (another format!) If You Prefer… which was done after the first series of his TV series (keep up) when he thought that some people might be coming to see him because he’s off of that telly and think he’s like that Russell Howard or something, and has to spend quite a long time not telling recognisable jokes to confuse and disorient them.

It’s very enjoyable indeed, although it is almost exactly the same thing again; I loved that and I loved this.

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Gotye flip flop Somebodies

So we already knew Gotye was pretty cool after his monster hit Somebody That I Used To Know, but in what I see as an example of Robin Sloan’s flip flop concept, he proves it by releasing a remixed version of same composed of covers uploaded to YouTube.

Can’t decide if my favourite bit is the alto sax cover or the little joke bit “nobody can play a whole guitar by themselves!” but it’s all good.

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Full list of contributors: which is also good if you want to spend several hours listening to all the different interpretations