Breakfast of Champions – Vonnegut

Incidentally, I recently watched Rush, the film about James Hunt and Nikki Lauda. James Hunt, of course, being famous for saying “Sex is the breakfast of champions”. That’s not the case in this book, where the reference is to a certain brand of cereal which used it as a marketing slogan. I am not aware of their views on the phrase being associated with either playboy Formula 1 drivers or books about insanity and the destruction caused by the human race.

Being a Kurt Vonnegut book (I have seen it described as the most Kurt Vonnegut of books) it’s somewhat non-linear, with lots of scenes that don’t make much sense, and characters that do very unusual things for no apparent reason and also has a lot of illustrations. It absolutely hurtles along; I finished it in a day. And despite the surreality of it all, it has moments of stunning clarity, spearing modern humanity for the mad mess it is.